Most of my work consists of legal research and writing briefs for pretrial, trial, and post-trial motions.  I have written many briefs in support of motions to quash search warrants.  I prepare memos for criminal defense lawyers answering legal questions.  I also write briefs for writ proceedings and appeals.  I am available to assist both California attorneys and attorneys from other states in getting out-of-state subpoenas.  For more on this work click on the "Out-of-State Subpoenas" link on the left.

More often than not when I produce a brief I also write what I call a "motion guide."  The motion guide advises you of any practical problems, legal difficulties, or any other potential problems that I see with your motion.  For example the motion guide might advise the necessity of asking a witness a specific question.  It might discuss tactics or legal problems that, for strategic reasons, cannot be discussed in the brief.  It might warn of ways in which language in a case can be used by an opponent to mislead the judge.  The motion guide might contain legal argument that you can copy and paste into a brief written in response to the prosecution's reply brief.

I usually send my work as an email attachment.  Not only is this a convenient way to send it, it also allows you or your secretary to modify the document.  Here are some excerpts from a sample brief.